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Leni Riefenstahl


I have never posted to this site before, yet I find I must join and post, at least this one time...  and I'm sorry for the verbosity before I start, cause I know it's going to be long...

Two, maybe three days ago, Arnold Schwartzenegger was giving a press conference, which I glimpsed on CNN as I walked through the room.  The thing that struck me, immediately, was the camera angle--the camera was angled down on Arnold, and he was looking *up* to answer the questions...  a roommate was in the room, and I could not help but openly remark, "Wow, I guess Arnold's not such a golden child anymore."  To me, that angle was an indication that Arnold was *quickly* falling from favour.  My roommate--who, ironically is quite active shooting video, etc.--told me there was nothing to it, it was just how they had the space set up.  This prompted me to launch into my Riefenstahl discourse; I mean, especially Arnold as an actor and them setting up a press conference so he would have to talk *up* to people, *and* they're taping it, so he looks like he's about 4' tall.  My roommate listened to me, but clearly gave little weight or substance to what I was saying, which surprised me even more, given the energy he devotes to his video avocation. 

We were going to get a bite to eat, as I was going on and on, carrying on about how Leni Riefenstahl had actually pioneered the camera angles we now take for granted, how those angles create moods that cause us to feel someone is large, impressive, powerful, beautiful, etc.,  and how, due to the fact she did it for the Nazis, she has never been able to enjoy the credit she deserves... the complication of complicity, but how else, where else would a woman have been given such free reign to follow her creativity, inspiration, and genius in the 1930's and 40's???  If I had that opportunity, would I not also take it?  Even today, women are rarely
afforded the freedom and the means to become all they can in this "free" country, and film-directing has been, and largely *still is* controlled by men.

August 12, 2008

Liebe Freunde,

How happy I am to have found your site! What a great surprise, you really have amazing merchandise and it's great to know that there are other people in the world with whom I share this interest. I read the story written about Leni Riefenstahl in the living history pages and I couldn't agree with the writer more.

Several years ago, I was in a bookstore in South Florida when I suddenly saw a large book with a photograph on the cover of Leni as Junta from "Das Blaue Licht". At the time, I was a bit younger and hadn't studied the Second World War to the extent that I have now, so of course I had no idea who she was. I was transfixed by her face and immediately began looking through this book (Five Lives). Needless to say, I later began to study her life and career and was impressed and curious.

I was given her address in Munich and spent a good deal of time writing a letter to her (this was well before her death). About three weeks later, I received an autographed photo of her from her home in Munich. (The same photo that was on the bookcover).

I absolutely admire her and although she has many critics, it means nothing to me. I just felt incredibly lucky to, being a young teenager, accidentally discover someone I thoroughly admired and respected. There are scenes in "Triumph of the Will" where I get goose bumps!!

I just thought I would compliment the writer of that letter and share the kind of impression Leni Riefenstahl made on me at a strange time in my life. I even gave my black German shepherd the second name of Riefenstahl.

Again, fantastic site and thanks for being a great business!


Hitler's Favorite Filmmaker

Leni Riefenstahl 1902–2003

At 10:50 PM on September 8th, 2003, Leni Riefenstahl passed away quietly in her home in Pöcking.

Leni Riefenstahl had never overcome the stigma from her role promoting Adolf Hilter's Nazi cause. Although her films and photographs are considered artistic masterpieces, the world shunned her for her refusal to apologize for their content.

Asked before her 100th birthday what title she would give any film about her centenary, she said: 
"Loved, persecuted and unforgotten."

"When one lives, one should never give up.  One must always struggle and always believe that it will go on.  And that gives one strength."  Leni Riefenstahl 

Rest in peace, Leni

Thank you for sharing your fascinating stories and family histories with us.



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