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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

Adolf Hitler Blondie


Collect your own piece of Adolf Hitler's nazi "war booty" today!

It is not un-common to find these post-war nazi reproductions "aged" and offered for sale at outrageous prices by unscrupulous dealers and auction houses.

Better quality can not be found anywhere at any price!



Hitler's Cross of Honor of the German Mother

Gold Mother's Cross - Silver Mother's Cross - Bronze Mother's Cross

The Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter (in English: Cross of Honor of the German Mother), often referred to simply as the Mutterehrenkreuz (Mother’s Cross of Honor) or Mutterkreuz (Mother’s Cross), was a state decoration and civil order of merit conferred by the nazi government of the Deutsches Reich (German Reich) to honor a “Reichsdeutsche” (Imperial German) mother for exceptional merit to the German nation.

Many social programs were implemented by Hitler to encourage the growth of a strong German Nazi Volk.  One such program was to advocate the virtues of motherhood.  This program included a gigantic Nazi propaganda campaign to urge women to increase the size of their families. Cash incentives were paid for each child born. On the 16th of December 1938 Hitler instituted a new award to honor German Nazi motherhood, especially the large family.  The cross of Honor of the German Mother (Ehrenkreuz der deutschen Mutter) was created in three classes with the criteria as follows:

Bronze 3rd Class Mother's Nazi Cross - A bronze Christian Cross normally worn about the neck suspended by a 10mm blue ribbon with two white stripes at each edge. A round shield was affixed to the cross, bearing the inscription 'Der Deutschen Mutter' encircling a black enamel Nazi swastika on a white enamel field. Behind the shield and between the arms of the cross was a projection of rays. The arms of the cross were blue enamel with white enamel edges. The reverse was plain save for the date '16 Dezember 1938' followed by a facsimile of Hitler's signature. From 16th December 1938, when the decoration was first instituted, to mid 1939, Nazi mother's crosses bore the inscription 'Das Kind adelt die Mutter' (The child ennobles the mother). Why this change on the reverse of the cross was brought about is not known. The manufactures logo was sometimes found on the back as well. This award was normally presented in a blue envelope bearing the title of the award on the front. The award was also accompanied by a large certificate bearing a facsimile of Hitler's signature.

Silver 2nd Class Mother's Nazi Cross - similar to the 3rd class Mother's Nazi Cross except that the metal parts were finished in silver. It was presented for bearing 6 to 7 children.

Gold 1st Class Mother's Nazi Cross - again similar to the 3rd class except all the metal parts were finished in Gold and also it was presented in a hard presentation case that consisted of a hinged and compartmentalized box. The exterior was a very dark blue simulated leather with a facsimile of the award embossed in gold. The interior of the lid was a white satin and the base was an off white velvet. It was presented for bearing eight or more children.

When the award was first instituted approximately 3 million women qualified for one of these awards. Only families of German origin qualified. Females from Danzig, Austria and the Sudetenland were eligible when these teritories were absorbed into the Greater German Reich. Awards were rendered only on 'Mothering Sunday' (Mothers Day) the second Sunday in May. The first awards were rendered on the 21st May 1939, and the last awards were presented in 1944.

In addition to being worn about the neck, the Mothers cross was also worn in its full size suspended from a bow, and attached to the lapel. A miniature either suspended from a bow or made into a brooch was also authorized. All three Nazi Mother's Cross classes were identical in size (35mm wide by 42mm high) and design, and were the creations of architect Franz Berberich.

Reproduction Adolf Hitler's Third Reich German
Gold Mother's Cross, Silver Mother's Cross,
or Bronze Mother's Cross.

Reproduction Mother's Cross available in gold, silver, or bronze finish and enameled with 12 inch ribbon.


Mother's Cross - Bronze Award

Mother's Cross - Bronze Award

Mother’s Cross in Bronze was awarded to German women who gave birth to four children.

Details: Our high-quality reproduction measures nearly two inches tall, and comes with 12 inches of neck ribbon.

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h


Mother's Cross - Silver Award

Mother's Cross - Silver Award

Mother’s Cross in Silver was awarded to German women who gave birth to six or seven children.

Details: Our high-quality reproduction measures nearly two inches tall, and comes with 12 inches of neck ribbon.

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h


Mother's Cross - Gold Award

Mother's Cross - Goldl Award

Mother’s Cross in Gold was awarded to German women who gave birth to eight children.

Details: Our high-quality reproduction measures nearly two inches tall, and comes with 12 inches of neck ribbon.

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h


Mother's Cross - Presentation Case

Mother's Cross Presentation Case

Finest quality reproduction display cases with printed tops for individual awards. Made to wartime specifications by an original German manufacturer. These exclusive cases feature leatherette coverings in the proper colors and textures, push-button closures, satin-lined tops, velvet or flocked bottoms and printed tops & linings where historically accurate.


* Mothers Cross decoration sold separately.

nazi germany $60.00 +s/h

8070r - Mother's Cross Ribbon

Details: Additional ribbon available at $5.00 per foot (2 foot minimum). 

nazi germany $10.00 +s/h

Koeln-Duesseldorfer Rhein Dampfschiffahrt - Rhine Steamship badge.

6277 - Mother's Brooch

Heinrich Himmler SS Lebensborn Mutter brooch - Mother's brooch "Every Mother of Good Blood is a Sacred Asset of Our Existence".

Details: Approximate size: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2",
Back Attachment = P

nazi germany $15.00 +s/h

Glauben und Schönheit Bund der Deutschen Mädel der HJ - Hitler Youth BdM, Belief and Beauty brooch

6286 - Belief and Beauty brooch

Glauben und Schönheit Bund der Deutschen Mädel der HJ - League of German Girls of the Hitler Youth BdM, Belief and Beauty brooch.

Details: Approximate size: 1" x 1"

nazi germany $15.00 +s/h

family creed

Mouse over poem to see larger image.


The preceding quote is from a Third Reich birth certificate received by Mrs. Rost Van Tonningen at the birth of her child during the years of the German Reich.
  To find out more order her book click "Triumph and Tragedy".

Find more historical reproduction pins, badges and divisional insignia from Hitle's Third Reich on the other Regalia pages.

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