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Reproduction WW2 regalia pins, badges, insignia of the German Third Reich 1935-1945


Collect your piece of Adolf Hitler's nazi "war booty" today!

It is not un-common to find these post-war reproductions "aged" and offered for sale at outrageous prices by unscrupulous dealers and auction houses.


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Nazi war relics and Hitler WW2 souvenirs.

Attics, basements, and garages have served as resting places for original nazi war souvenirs, booty, trophies, and collectibles liberated by soldiers during the war with Hitler. Each item had a story, like the GI who picked up a pistol from a dead German Waffen SS officer, took a nazi flag from a town square, or found Hitler's personal copy of Mein Kampf from his night stand at the Berghoff. Even after all these years nazi relics still capture our imagination.


But, as time passes so does the growing rarity of these artifacts and the resulting higher prices make them impossible for many to have in personal collection where they can be held and studied at leisure but PzG has changed all of that by making historically accurate reproductions available to buy at reasonable prices for collectors, re-enactors, teachers, military enthusiasts, and all students of WWII history.