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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

Adolf Hitler Blondie





"Meine Ehre heißt Treue" ("My Honor is Loyalty")

Get your own custom made heirloom quality reproduction SS Honor Rings, SS Stalingrad Officers Rings, Nazi Wedding Rings and German WW2 sterling silver items here at PzG Inc. All of the German Nazi WWII rings we offer are cast from original SS rings using a .925 industry standard Sterling Silver casting grain. Each ring box is handmade too and are a very time intensive labor of love.  Hand made in the USA to highest standards using old world hand finishing techniques to create the best reproduction German WWII SS H.Himmler Honor rings on the market.

Frequently Asked Jewelry / SS Honor Ring Questions

Each piece of custom handcrafted jewelry (expect delivery times of 2-3 weeks - no refunds!) offered by PzG Inc. is personally and very closely inspected first by our jeweler then by Michael Kelly, President of PzG Inc. to insure that it is defect free and that it meets our highest quality standards!

WARNING: Returns and exchanges are NOT allowed on jewelry as each piece is custom made & hand crafted to your order specifications.  With this in mind we strongly encourage you to have your desired ring finger PROFESSIONSLLY sized before ordering (most jewelers will happily provide this service for FREE).

Problems:  In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your ring order we need to hear from you by email within 48 hours of your receiving your ring.

Proper Care: It is best to use a jewelry shine cloth. You can get them at Walmart and they are impregnated with a polishing compound.

Beauty Marks:  It is important to note that any "beauty marks" i.e. dimples or imperfections in your ring are from the original rings used to create the molds and remember that many of these original rings were often worn in combat!

Silver Content: Every item offered on our website is guaranteed to be cast using pure industry standard .925 Sterling Silver; which is nickel free.

We appreciate your customer loyalty and support!

- All nazi jewelry pieces are reproduction and images are NOT to scale. -

SS Totenkopf Honor Ring History:  The German World War II Third Reich SS H. Himmler Deathshead Honor ring is among the most sought after Third Reich military memorabilia. Its highly collectable nature is due to the fact that these rings were only awarded to ranking SS officers in good standing. The SS Honor ring is the only piece of jewelry ever actually awarded by the German SS high command and the SS ring was inscripted inside the rings band to testify who the Himmler Honor ring was actually awarded to and the date of the rings award. This inscription many times allows the owner of an original SS Honor ring to trace the actual recipients name to learn all about this soldier's military history. Thus depending on the notoriety of the named soldier, the value of the Totenkopfring der SS may increase dramatically. Most of us folks in today's society don't have that kind of money to spend on an original Honor ring. We are willing to purchase a reproduction ring, however we want it to be high quality and an accurate rendition of the true Himmler Honor ring. We have been striving for many years to offer the worlds best quality selection of SS rings available anywhere. We have cast and finished thousands of these totenkopf rings with constant improvement to many that we offer. Our rings are as close to an original SS ring as you can get and even the rings inscriptions are of actual SS Honor ring award recipients. We also offer the SS Honor ring with the award document and ring box that would have came along with the ring during the presentation ceremony. Each and every SS Totenkopf ring is finished by hand to perfection.  We offer several versions of this famous Third Reich ring so you are sure to find just the right ring for you!

Note: Regulation states that the Totenkopf Honor rings were to be worn on the left ring finger and if worn with a wedding ring, they were to be on the outside with the wedding ring being closer to the hand. The skull was to face away from the wearer. However, there are many photos that show SS Officers TK rings being worn on both right and left hand ring fingers both with skull facing towards and away from them. So, it looks like the regulations were clear but not always followed.

Symbols on an SS Honor Ring

Picture is of multiply views of the same SS Honor ring.

  • Totenkopf (death head) - The totenkopf and crossed bones means Absolute obedience right to the death.
  • Swastika - The swastika's true meaning is the German people being one God and Eternity.
  • Circle, Dual Sigrunes and Tyrune - The dual sigrune was the symbol of the SS Schutzstaffel. Tyrune was the God of War.
  • Hagal Rune - The Hagal rune was used to instill an inner strength in the German people so that they would be fearless.
  • Triangle and Sigrune - The sigrune was German symbol for victory. The triangle means the cycle of life.
  • Ring Inside - the ring was engraved on the inside of the band with Himmlers’ signature.
  • Recipients’ last name - The ring was engraved on the inside of the band with the letters “S.lb (for “seinen Lieben”, or “With Respect and Honor”) followed by the recipients’ last name.
  • Date of presentation - The ring was engraved on the inside of the band with the date of presentation (April 20, 1944 "Hitler's Birthday" on our replica).

Wear the ring with honor!

The inside inscription letters S.lb stand for Seinem Lieben which means:

"With Respect and Honor".

R082ro - High End Sterling Silver SS Honor Ring with Tost Name - Ring Only

Top of the Line High End SS Totenkopf H.Himmler SS Nazi Honor Ring.

Our jeweler has always wanted to create the absolute best of the best, an ultimate SS Honor Ring. To do so created a mountain of design and model making nightmares. But, with the help of 2 wax model makers, the donation of an original Honor Skull to use for this rings band and 2 years of work on this project it is now ready to be offered to those of you looking for a real beauty.

The runic symbols and oakleaves on the rings band are perfect with very crisp details. The engravings inside the rings band are perfect too. This SS nazi ring has excellent details but it is also has a band weight and thickness that sets this ring apart from our other Honor Rings. This SS nazi honor ring is assembled as a 2 piece ring with the totenkopf skull being silver soldered on to the rings band at the front over the sizing seam.Thanks to the new no shrink molding proceedures the ring is a full 7mm. tall just as the original rings are. This ring is cast in .925 Sterling Silver and finished weight for a size 10.5 ring is 13 grams. This new high end Honor Ring is almost twice the weight of our other honor rings.

This is a true reproduction Honor Ring available to collectors that can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for an original ring. This is the ultimate reproduction nazi Honor Ring! The cost for this highly collectable reproduction Honor ring is half the price of the $650.00 reproduction ring as advertised on a different site. It is as good or better than the $650.00 ring. So, hurry don't miss out on this extra special high end nazi SS Himmler Totenkopf Honor ring.


nazi Honor Ring

nazi Honor Ring

nazi Honor Ring

This is the ultimate reproduction nazi Honor Ring!


The rings engraving reads:
S.lb.Tost 9.11.41 H. Himmler


R082ro - High End Sterling Silver SS Honor Ring with Tost Name - Ring Only

Order number R082ro includes the High End SS Honor Ring with Tost Name Only.

Details:  Our High End Sterling Silver SS Honor Ring with Tost Name (because of the Frantur font s looks like l), dated 9.11.41 (November 9, 1941) H.Himmler on the inside band. Cast in .925 Sterling Silver.

nazi germany $480.00 +s/h

Size Available: 9.5 - 13

Each ring is custom made - NO REFUNDS!
We STRONGLEY reccomend having your desired ring finger professionally sized before ordering. Expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


CD300 - SS Schutzstaffel

SS Castle Wawelsburg in a painting from the collection of Ray & Josephine Cowdery © 2007 USM Books.

Wewelsburg SS Castle History: In 1938 Himmler ordered the return of all Death's head rings (German: Totenkopfringe) of dead SS-men and officers. They were to be stored in a chest in the castle. This was to symbolize the ongoing membership of the deceased in the SS-Order. The whereabouts of the approximately 11,500 rings after the Second World War is unclear, but it has been suggested that they were entombed in a local mountain by blasting closed the entrance to a cave.



Third Reich Sterling Silver WW2 German Reproduction Hitler Rings

Nazi SS Honor Ring

Standard SS H. Himmler Deathshead Honor Rings

High End SS H. Himmler Deathshead Honor Rings

High End SS H. Himmler Deathshead Honor Rings

SS Stalingrad Officers Totenkopf Skull Ring

SS Stalingrad Officers Totenkopf Skull Ring

SS Wedding Ring

Customer Comments:

  • Got my honour ring today. Just a quick note to say its superb great quality fits perfect best xmas present ever..Look forward to placing more orders in the new year. - Scott

  • Just got the ring and it's on and its not coming off! Awesome! - Kris

  • Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the SS Honor ring and wear it constantly. Great quality! Nice to see there are still people out there who have integrity and honosty. Rare nowdays. I wish you and your family long and healthy lives. Thanks John NY



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Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, and all students of Adolf Hitler's German Third Reich.

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