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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

PzG nazi movies WW2 Hitler films.

Get the best WW2 films and movies about Adolf Hitler & Nazi Germany here at:
PzG Inc. - Your Third Reich HQ!

Why watch and study movies and ww2 films about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

Why watch propaganda movies, study nazi films and research WWII movies about Germany and Adolf Hitler?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be the German leader or Fuhrer Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) who led Nazi Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) or Nazi Party 1920 - 1945 and its predecessor the German Workers' Party (DAP) 1919 - 1920 were founded under the ideology of "Blut und Boden" or Blood and Soil which focused on ethnicity based on, (Blood (of a folk)) and homeland/Heimat (Soil). It celebrated the relationship of a people to the land they occupy and cultivate, and it placed a high value on the virtues of rural living.

But why watch nazi films and WW2 movies about Adolf Hitler and Third Reich Germany? You may have been asked that question, like we have, repeatedly over the years.  The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there was no point in glorifying him by learning about Hitler's life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone we recognize, someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and the world and as members of that global community we should know something about the man, the world Adolf Hitler lived in, and the events that shaped his thinking.

Now you can examine for yourself Adolf Hitler Nazi War Movies and Third Reich Propaganda Films including Das Boot & Battle of the Bulge. Exciting combat footage from original Nazi newsreels. German WW2 wartime newsreels. Propaganda films and Nazi movies Triumph of the Will, Olympiad & Victory of Faith by Adolf Hitler's favorite film maker Leni Riefenstahl, first hand accounts of Hitler and his Third Reich including personal war stories from Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, Das Heer, Hitler Youth, and SS soldiers with rare frontline footage, as well as fascinating WW2 / WWII stories that bring history to life.  You will want to watch these nazi films again and again.

Watch the war films and nazi movies and come to your own conclusions about the Third Reich, Germany and Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"The ideological excesses have to be understood within the context of the adversity of a certain era."
quote from the community plaque located at the Nazi bell at Tümlauer-Koog

German government assaults FREE SPEECH world wide! 

There is an air of urgency to obtaining your nazi movie collections. The German government in a classic Orwellian 1984 memory hole move is trying to stop the distribution of  Third Reich films worldwide including the USA under the Uruguay Round Table agreements. This is a quote from one of their anti-American documents "...the responsible handling of nazi film heritage is very important. This is why we only make available such national socialist propaganda films to non-commercial sector and only under certain circumstances and conditions." We do not know how long into the future these nazi films, German newsreels, Third Reich propaganda films, and Hitler movies will be available for sale! It is for this reason that we strongly urge everyone to add to their historical nazi movie and nazi film collections ASAP before this FREEDOM OF SPEECH is taken away!


= English Language
= English Subtitles
= Dubbed in English
= German Language
adolf hitler nazi waffen ss = Both English & German

• DVD are NTSC Region O for worldwide playing unless otherwise noted.

Watch for yourself Hitler's Third Reich in these captivating German war movies and WW2 films!


Through Enemy Eyes A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at WarDVD092

Through Enemy Eyes vol.1

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War:

Go behind enemy lines on a journey that traces the rise and fall of German military fortunes... the great battles, the desperate hours captured via authentic uncut newsreels, exactly as presented to German wartime cinema audiences.

Now see the Second World War as you've never seen it before: Through Enemy Eyes.

All newsreels have been transferred from original 35 millimeter and 16 millimeter German prints and have been accurately translated and electronically subtitled in English.

Through Enemy Eyes Vol. 1 (Two Disk DVD Set)

DISK 1: June 21, 1939 - Oct 4, 1939

NEWSREEL: 459: Reborn German Fleet Maneuvers on High Seas; Goebbels Speaks at Protest Rally in Danzig;

NEWSREEL 468: Hitler Youth on Danube Cruise to Budapest; Danzig SA Defends Border Against Poles; German Refugees From Poland Tell of Oppression; NEWSREEL 470: World War 2 Begins: Germany Invades Poland; Air and Sea Bombardment of Westerplatte; German Tanks and Infantry Move Deep into Poland.

NEWSREEL 471: Polish Jews and Insurgents Taken to Camps; German Soldiers at Worship in Jasna Gora Church; Wehrmacht Crosses Vistula River;

NEWSREEL 472: Hitler Reviews Troops at the Front; German Women at Work in Munitions Plant; Tank Columns Advance and Enter Lodz;

NEWSREEL 473: House-to-House Combat in Captured Cities; Germans and Soviets Meet at Brest-Litovsk.

NEWSREEL 474: Funeral of General Fritsch in Berlin; Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop Flies to Moscow; Hitler Observes Bombardment of Warsaw;

DISK 2: Oct 25, 1939 - Mar 6, 1940

NEWSREEL 477: German Engineers Re-start Steel Mills in Silesia; German Troops Patrol West Wall Fortifications; U-Boat Captain Prien and Crew Welcomed in Berlin;

NEWSREEL 480: New Japanese Foreign Minister Takes Office; Assassination Attempt on Hitler in Munich.

NEWSREEL 482: Pre-Military Training for Hitler Youth; Impounded Foreign Ships in Kiel Harbor; Baltic Germans Resettled in Posen;

NEWSREEL 483: Sports Events in Spain, Japan and Germany; British Navy Blockades North Sea Countries; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Over English Coast;

NEWSREEL 488: Evacuation of Tientsin by the British; Anti-Air Defense Exercises in Germany.

NEWSREEL 491: Ethnic Germans From Russia Return to Fatherland; Goebbels Tours Western Air Defense Zone;

NEWSREEL 492: International Winter Games in Bavaria; Hitler Speaks at Berlin Sports Palace; Luftwaffe Planes Sink British Ships in North Sea;

NEWSREEL 496: Duce Reviews Elite Militia in Rome; German Wartime Trade Fair in Leipzig; Blitzkrieg Formations in Combat.

Special Features:

•Interactive Newsreel Selection Menus
•Printed Description Guide of Entire Through Enemy Eyes Series

Through Enemy Eyes A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War

14 Original German Wartime Newsreels with English Subtitles.

256 Minutes - Nearly 4 Hours on Two DVD Disks.


June 21, 1939 - March 6,1940


See and hear the entire war from the German perspective!

DVD92 - Through Enemy Eyes vol.1

Details: Germany, 1939-40, B&W, Total running time: 256 minutes, German with English subtitles.

nazi germany  $40.00 $25 +s/h

Customer Review:

"Through Enemy Eyes" is the most significant historical collection of its kind, because preservation of virtually every Third Reich newsreel made during World War Two visually documents that conflict as nothing else. "Die Deutsche Wochenschau" was, as its name suggests, issued weekly to movie theaters throughout Germany, and dramatized the fighting for homefront audiences. Hitler deemed these films so important, according to PzG director, Michael Kelly, that the Fuehrer previewed each one for its effectiveness prior to release.

Volume I, Disk 1 begins with a pair of pre-war newsreels that capture the spirit of that summer before the opening of hostilities. The June, 1939 edition is a mix of international friendliness and military boasting: Sympathy is expressed for the American and British victims of submarine accidents; the Indianapolis 500 race is highlighted; and a French pilot puts a German aerobatic bi-plane (a Buecker "Jungmeister" incorrectly translated into the English subtitles as a "Fokker") through its paces, while German artillery lays down a practice barrage, and the Kriegsmarine's new "pocket battleship", the "Admiral Graf Spee". The August Wochenschau of just two months later is far more bellicose, with popular demands for Danzig's return to the Reich from which it had been separated by 1919's Versailles Treaty.

The main body of September newsreels contains spectacular footage of the blitzkrieg that smashed Poland in three weeks, an unprecedented military feat, shown here in close up detail every modeller or historian must find invaluable. Few if any books are able to show such a wealth of minutiae, from the campaign badges on Wehrmacht infantrymen to the hand-operated starter-cranks of Stuka dive bombers. Among the most memorable scenes belongs to that pre-World War One "dreadnaught", the elderly "Schleswig Holstein", firing tracers and its heavy ordinance at point-blank range into the Poles' fortifications at the Westerplatte.

Volume I, Disk-2 opens with the triumphant return to Berlin of Captain Guenter Prien and the crew of his U-47 after their destruction of HMS "Royal Oak" at Scapa Flow, scene of the German Navy's humiliation twenty years before. Their rapturous reception is one of the great cinematic events in the history of the Third Reich. More pomp and circumstance occur when Mussolini reviews his elite militia in Rome, but military action resumes with the sinking of British ships by Luftwaffe bombers over the North Sea.

Reproduction of these old newsreels is crystal clear. They unquestionably represent an investment that will pay off in repeated viewing for years to come.

Trouble with viewing all these Wochenschau newsreels, I get so excited, I always feel like looking for a recruitment office somewhere.

- Marc Roland


Through Enemy Eyes

Get the complete "Through Enemy Eyes" 14 DVD Disk Set Special!

The weekly German newsreels were how the government informed the German public of events that they deemed worthy of national interest. These included a vast array of topics both at the distant fronts but in the homeland as well. Topics include munitions production, agriculture, culture, arts, home economics, sports, politics etc. By studying these newsreels you will see what life was really like in the Third Reich both for the German civilian and the combat soldier. The cameramen were actual German frontline soldiers so they were in the thick of combat. See their war under water in the air and on the ground. Meet the heroes of the German war machine as they fight against great odds from the Atlantic Ocean to the Steppes of Russia. This is why German newsreels are much more interesting and exciting than any other participants of the war. Often these cameramen were killed filming and this was noted in the film credits. American and British newsreels are usually filmed from a great distance so are without as much detail or action and Soviet newsreels are of very poor film quality and often reenacted and look very fake. Each authentic German newsreel comes with the original German sound track and English Subtitles so there is no nasty narration! You can purchase each DVD individually or SAVE big money and get the whole set!

159 Original German Wartime Newsreels with English Subtitles.

3,496 Minutes - Nearly 60 Hours of Historical Nazi Films on DVD.

SAVE $$$ by buying the set!

see it here...


More facinating items to add to your private collection.

Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, and all students of Adolf Hitler's German Third Reich.

NSDAP Nazi Flags
Mein Kampf Verlag Edition
Hitler Youth Dagger



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