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Adolf Hitler Nazi Third Reich

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Adolf Hitler Nazi Third Reich Flags - Nazi
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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

WW2 War Collection / Displays!

Great conversation items.
Delivered complete - No assembly required!



Hitler Medals Display Set

Iron Cross 2nd Class Collection

- Replical Medals of Adolf Hitler -

Details: The Hitler Medals Display Collection includes Adolf Hitler's Golden NSDAP Party Badge, Great War Identity Disc, Soldier number 148 (First Company - Barvarian Reserve Infantry Regiment Number 16), Great War Wound Badge and the Great War Iron Cross - 1st Class. The collection comes arranged in 12 by 8-1/2 by 2 inch display case.

nazi germany  $180.00 +s/h


Hitler Youth Display Set

Iron Cross 2nd Class Collection

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Details: The Hitler Youth was designed to build the Nazi supermen of the future, with emphasis on both physical training and ideological indoctrination. Like all other organizations within the Third Reich, the Hitler Youth boasted an array of distinctive insignia. The Hitler Youth diamond of red and white with black swastika was the central element. Our historical collection of reproduction Hitler Youth relics is dominated by the organization’s armband, and the coveted Hitler Youth knife. The knife features the diamond insignia on the handle, and the motto “Blood and Iron” etched on the blade, and come complete with scabbard. Smallest of the badges is the standard diamond membership badges. Also included is the adult Leader badge, with the diamond bordered in gold trim. Finally, there are two achievement badges, including the silver Youth Proficiency Badge for physical training, and the Youth Golden Leader’s Badge for sports, field training and propaganda. The collection comes arranged in 14- by 8- by 1.5 inch display case.

nazi germany  $90.00 +s/h


Iron Cross 2nd Class Display Set

Iron Cross 2nd Class Collection

Mouse over picture to see larger image.

Details: In 1813, King Frederick William III of Prussia introduced the Iron Cross, which has since become one of the most recognizable medals in military history. Awarded to Prussian soldiers for combat heroism, bravery or leadership in the Napoleonic Wars. The reverse displays the imperial crown, the initials FW with a spray of oak leaves and the 1813 institution date. In 1870 Kaiser Wilhelm I revised the obverse during the Franco-Prussian War by adding the imperial crown to the top arm, a “W” for the Kaiser and the 1870 revision date. In 1914 this order was revised by Kaiser Wilhelm II by replacing the 1870 institution date with 1914. The 2nd class Iron Cross was awarded to more than 5 million soldiers during World War I. In 1939 Hitler reinstituted the order but removed the imperial crowns and ciphers and placed the swastika and the 1939 date on the obverse. The reverse contains only the 1813 original institution date. The entire set under glass in an 8" x 6" x 3/4" deep display case.

nazi germany  $90.00 +s/h


1939 German Iron Cross Display Set

1939 German Iron Cross Display Set

Mouse over picture to see larger image.

Details: 1939 German Iron Cross Set This set includes; the 1939 Grand Cross Breast Star (this breast star was never issued), Grand Cross, Knight’s Cross, 1st Class and 2nd Class Iron Crosses. All within a 8” x 12” x 3/4” deep glass display case with black felt liner.

nazi germany  $150.00 +s/h


The Red Baron Collection

1939 German Iron Cross Display Set

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Details: Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (May 2,1892 – April 21,1918) better known as the Red Baron, was a German fighter pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service during World War I. He is considered the top ace of that war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories. Shown here with just a few of his earned medals in an 8” x 6” display case.

nazi germany  $70.00 +s/h


General-leutnant Adolf Galland Display Set

General-leutnant Adolf Galland Display Set

Mouse over picture to see larger image.

Details: Adolph Galland is perhaps the most famous of all German World War II aviators, racking up an impressive number of aerial victories and also serving as one of the Luftwaffe’s top commanders. Known for this conflicts with Luftwaffe Reich Marshal Hermann Goering, Galland was eventually relieved of his role as “Inspector of Fighters,” and returned to aerial combat late in the war, flying the jet-powered ME 262. Galland’s wartime score was 104 kills, including his service in Poland and France in the war’s early stages. Our Galland collection includes the coveted Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, and the seldom-awarded Pilot-Observer Badge with Diamonds. For Galland’s service in the Spanish Civil War is the Spanish Cross. A formal portrait of Galland wearing his Knight’s Cross completes the set, which comes in an 8 by 6-inch glass-lid display case.

nazi germany  $140.00 +s/h


Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel Display Set

Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel Display Set

Details: World War II produced many outstanding combat aviators on both sides, and by virtually any standard, German pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was one of the greatest. At the controls of the legendary Ju-87 dive-bomber, better known as the Stuka, Rudel is credited with flying 2,530 sorties, and destroying 2,000 targets, including 800 trucks, 519 tanks, 11 aircraft, four bridges, four destroyers, two cruisers and a battleship! Rudel was the only person to win the Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds to his Knight’s Cross, which is included in our Rudel collection, along with the rarely awarded Pilot-Observer Badge with Diamonds. Shot down by ground fire 32 times, Rudel was wounded five times, and was the recipient of the Gold Wound Badge, which also is part of the collection.

nazi germany  $130.00 +s/h


Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz Display Set

Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz Display Set

Details: World War II German Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz nearly brought Britain to its knees with his wolfpack submarine strategy, and ended the war as Hitler’s successor, before being tried at Nuremberg and serving 10 years in prison. He was a U-boat commander during the First World War, and our Doenitz collection features both the Imperial and Third Reich submarine badges. Also included is his 1914 Iron Cross for World War I, topped by the 1939 clasp for a second award of the medal during World War II, as well as Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, admiral’s shoulder boards, and embroidered hat eagle and hat wreath.

nazi germany  $165.00 +s/h


Field Marshal August von Mackensen Display Set

Field Marshal August von Mackensen Display Se+

Details: Field Marshal August von Mackensen was one of Germany’s most highly decorated soldiers and successful battlefield commanders of the First World War. Mackensen joined the Prussian Army at the age of 19 and served with distinction during the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War. During World War I Mackensen commanded German, Bulgarian and Turkish troops on the Eastern Front, handing Russia numerous defeats. He was extremely popular with the German public and well-known for wearing his Hussar’s uniform with its famous Death’s Head badge on the fur hat. Mackensen earned the Pour Le Merite with Oak Leaves, Germany’s highest decoration, and was one of only five men to be awarded the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross during World War I, the others including the Kaiser, Hindenburg, Ludendorff and a Bavarian prince. Briefly interned after the war, Mackensen later defied Hitler to appear at the Kaiser’s funeral in 1941, conspicuous in his Hussar’s uniform He died at the age of 95 in 1945, shortly after Germany’s defeat in World War II. Our collection includes Mackensen’s Death’s Head badge, Field Marshal shoulder boards, Pour Le Merite and Grand Cross. Also included is his 1870 Iron Cross Second Class, with the special 25th anniversary oak leaf attachment. Mackensen is seen wearing all of these medals and insignia in the accompanying photo. The collection comes in a 14 by 8 inch glass-lid display case.

nazi germany  $280.00 +s/h


Reichsmarshal Herman Goering Display Set

Reichsmarshal Herman Goering Display SeT

Details: Included in this display is a formal portrait of the Reichmarshal Herman Goering wearing the medals and insignia included in this collection; Grand Cross Iron Cross, Knights Cross, Reichsmarshal baton collar tabs, Reichmarshal shoulder boards, and Luftwaffe gold officers eagle insignia. Presented under glass in a 14.5” x 8” x 1” deep display case.

nazi germany  $180.00 +s/h


Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Display Set

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Display Set

Details: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel received the adulation of the German people, laurels from his Fuhrer and grudging respect from his Allied opponents. In World War I, the future Desert Fox commanded mountain troops in the campaign against Italy, earning the coveted Pour le Merite. In World War II, Rommel first gained fame commanding Panzers in the 1940 Battle of France. But it was in the North African desert where Rommel gained everlasting glory as commander of the Afrika Korps. This collection features Rommel’s highest decorations, including his Pour le Merite and Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. Also included are his Field Marshal collar and shoulder insignia, as well as his silver tank assault badge. Aso included is an enamel pin with the Afrika Korps plam tree, and a color portrait of the Field Marshal. Presented in a 14.5” x 8” x 1” deep display case under glass.

nazi germany  $160.00 +s/h


Michael "The Black Baron" Wittmann Display Set

Michael "The Black Baron" Wittmann Display Se

Details: Michael Wittmann (April 22, 1914 – August 8, 1944) was a German Waffen-SS tank commander during World War II. He was credited with the destruction of 138 tanks and 132 anti-tank guns, along with an unknown number of other armoured vehicles, making him one of Germany's top scoring panzer aces. Wittmann was a household name in Germany and was nicknamed “The Black Baron”.

Wittmann is most famous for his ambush of elements of the British 7th Armoured Division, during the Battle of Villers-Bocage on 13 June 1944. While in command of a single Tiger he destroyed up to 14 tanks and 15 personnel carriers along with 2 anti-tank guns within the space of 15 minutes.

Our tribute to this famous Tank Commander includes the 200 Tank Assault badge, the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords, an Iron Cross 1st Class, a first award black Wound badge, a cap eagle with skull and the “Adolf Hitler cuff title of the 1st SS-Panzergrenadier Division all under a (12” x 8” x ¾”) glass display case.

nazi germany  $120.00 +s/h

Customer Comments: First of all, the Michael Whitmann item is phenomenal, it does an excellent job of honoring a great warrior. The wewelsberg pin is also fantastic as well. Great service, and great products equals a great business like yours. I will always use your website ! ~ Steve

Display Sets

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new nazi hitler ww2 Vietnam War Display Set Collection

Details: Here is the perfect set to honor a Vietnam War veteran. It includes a U.S. Vietnam Service Medal, a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, the RVN Gallantry Cross and in USG055 (Enlisted) the National Defense Medal, with each medal accompanied by its corresponding ribbon bar. Each of these special collections are displayed in an American-made glass lid display case and are suitable for wall or table mounting and our foam velvet liner adds color to the collection.

USG025 - 8" x 12" x 3/4"

nazi germany  $60.00 +s/h

USG011 - 8" x 6" x 3/4"

nazi germany  $55.00 +s/h

USG055 - 8" x 12" x 3/4"

nazi germany  $50.00 +s/h


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Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, and all students of Adolf Hitler's German Third Reich.

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