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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

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Buy WW II German SS music & Nazi songs for sale at PzG.

Nazi music soldier songs WW2 military marches Adolf Hitler war speeches.

Why listen to nazi songs, WW2 nazi march music or Hitler speeches?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).  Hitler was the German leader or "Fuhrer" who founded the National Socialism (Nazi) movement in 1920.  Within twenty years, Adolf Hitler had led Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why listen to nazi songs, war speeches, and nazi music, from Hitler and his Germany Reich?  You may have been asked that question, like we have over the years.  The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there was no point in glorifying him by taking the time to learn about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and our world and as members of a global community we should know something about them.

Now you can examine these powerful sounds for yourself as you time travel with these original nazi music recordings and get real insight into the culture behind them as you listen to songs and music just as the German radio playing pbulic did so many years ago. Hear the nazi music & hitler speeches and come to your own conclusions as an independent thinker about Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"Listen Learn Decide!"

Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = German Language
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Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = Both English & German
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Get historic Third Reich speeches, Nazi propaganda speeches, and Adolf Hitler speeches!

Speeches by Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Vidkun Quisling, and much more!


Ade Polenland Hitler SpeechCD400

Ade Polenland Speech by Adolf Hitler

Reunification of Danzig Speech

Reichstag - September 1, 1939

with English Voice Over


This is one of the most exciting speeches of WWII. Adolf Hitler declares to the world why Germany was fully justified in counterattacking Poland and and coming to the rescue of the defenseless German civilians who were suffering horribly under Polish rule. He then stunned the world by announcing the greatest diplomatic coup of all time! England, France and Poland thought that they had Germany encircled until Hitler announced the Russo-German Non-Aggression pact. Suddenly the tables were turned and Poland was surrounded. Strangely while England guaranteed Poland's safety and declared war with France on Germany on September 3, they forgot to when Stalin invaded Poland on September 17. Polish leaders were convinced that their million man army would be in Berlin in a month. However, Hitler again stunned the world as his panzers and stukas launched their Blitzkrieg and revolutionized warfare for all time. It was he who stood triumphantly in Warsaw by the end of the month.

Images courtesy of www.usmbooks.com


1. Hitlers speech with live English voice over

2. English recap of the speech

3. Panzerwagen Lied (instramental)

4. Sutka Lied (choral)

5. Ade Poland (choral)


First Soldier of the Reich reviews his troops outside Warsaw.Ade Polenland Speech by Adolf Hitler    Reunification of Danzig Speech

September 21, 1939
First Soldier of the Reich reviews his troops outside Warsaw.

Historical notes:

  • In this speech Hitler denounces the Treaty of Versailles for awarding a large part of Germany to Poland in 1919.
  • Hitler was the only leader of WWII to share the front lines with his men much to the consternation of his personal body guard commander Erwin Rommel.
  • Hitler also empathizes with the plight of those Germans who after 1919 found themselves living in Poland, many of whom had been brutalized by Polish civilians, civil authorities and the Polish Army.
  • Hitler stuns the world by announcing the signing of the Soviet German Non-Aggression Pact on August 30, 1939 and thereby following up on his promise in Mein Kampf not to fight a war on two fronts.
  • Hitler announces that from this moment on he is the “First Soldier of the Reich”!
  • Reichsminister Dr. Frick reads the law reuniting German Danzig with the Reich.
  • President of the Reichstag, Fieldmarshal Hermann Goering put the law to a vote in the Reichstag.
  • The Reichstag Deputies unaminously vote to adopt the law. The Reichstag Deputies were the only government body to vote for war and then volunteered to take up posts on the front line where many died in combat.
  • Cover image Reichstag members sing Deutschland über Alles & Horst Wessel Lied after voting to go to war against Poland.

Ade Polenland
Goodbye, Poland!
Goodbye, Weichsel shore!
We're going home,
where the cherries bloom,
and a lot of girls are waiting for us.

Hey, barkeeper, hey,
give us one more drink!
Let's part with some red-golden wine!

Goodbye, Poland!
Goodbye, Weichsel shore!

Yes, that's the soldier's life,
whether in Warsaw or in Prague.
We'll have to do battle in the morning,
but today is a sunny day.

We also drank beer
And waved to the fiery-haired Janka
Until we've fought our last fight,
and gone home.

Translation by Marc Roland



Ade Polenland Speech by Adolf Hitler    Reunification of Danzig Speech

CD has the look of an old LP.

Ade Polenland Speech by Adolf Hitler    Reunification of Danzig Speech




Features nazi recordings & Adolf Hitler speeches that are digitally re-produced from original Third Reich 78-rpm records.

CD400 - Ade Polenland Speech by Adolf Hitler

adolf hitler nazi third reich = German Language with English Voice Over

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h

CD400 Review:

“Ade Polenland”, Speech by Adolf Hitler:

Hear history as it was being made --- and not just “history”, but one of the most dramatic moments of the 20th Century, or of any century: the beginning of World War Two. Playing this album transforms your compact disk player into a 1939 radio receiver, because it is a real-time recording of world-changing events just as they took place and were ear-witnessed by millions of listeners around the world.

It begins with an American announcer explaining that his station --- WNBC, in New York --- is trying to establish contact with Reich capital. The hook up is soon after established, as evidenced by the ebbing and flowing short-wave signal upon which a German voice describes the Reichstag delegates arriving at Berlin’s Kroll Opera House, as an organ solo in the background bides time until the rest show up. A U.S. translator explains that Reichminister Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler have just arrived and are conferring in private. The American announcer goes on to say that the New York transmission is part of a colossal, international radio network connecting all of Europe with North and South America, across the Pacific throughout Asia and to Africa.

At last, all the delegates are assembled, and Goering introduces his Fuehrer with a few words. Hitler points out that Danzig was separated from the Fatherland by the framers of the Versailles Treaty after World War One, up-rooting more than a million Germans from their homeland by 1920. Thirteen years later, after becoming Chancellor, he offered equitable proposals to Poland, whose leaders laid claim to the East German city.

“These proposals for mediation have failed because in the meanwhile there, first of all, came as an answer the sudden Polish general mobilization, followed by more Polish atrocities. These were again repeated last night. Recently in one night there were as many as twenty-one frontier incidents: last night there were fourteen, of which three were quite serious. I have, therefore, resolved to speak to Poland in the same language that Poland for months past has used toward us.”

Radio announcer Robert Trout “interrupts this broadcast of Chancellor Hitler’s speech” with word that the French government at Paris is meeting in emergency session.

Hitler then drops the first bombshell of his presentation, when he states, “Germany has no intention of exporting its doctrine. Given the fact that Soviet Russia has no intention of exporting its doctrine to Germany, I no longer see any reason why we should still oppose one another. We have, therefore, resolved to conclude a pact, which rules out forever any use of violence between us. It imposes the obligation on us to consult together in certain European questions” (i.e., Stalin gets the Baltic States and eastern Poland in exchange to refraining from making war on Germany --- it least for present). Bob Trout once again breaks in to tell us that now British government leaders are convening in London, apparently about to open hostilities against the Third Reich. Anticipating their reaction, Hitler declares, “I will not war against women and children. I have ordered my air force to restrict itself to attacks on military objectives. If, however, the enemy thinks he can from that draw carte blanche on his side to fight by the other methods, he will receive an answer that will strike him blind. This night for the first time Polish regular soldiers fired on our territory. Since 5.45 A.M. we have been returning the fire. And from now on bomb will be met by bomb!” The Reichstag delegates cheer and applaud loudly.
“I will continue this struggle,” Hitler insists, “no matter against whom, until the safety of the Reich and its rights are secured. For six years now I have been working on the building up of the German defenses. Over 90 millions have in that time been spent on the building up of these defense forces. They are now the best equipped and are above all comparison with what they were in 1914. My trust in them is unshakable.”
He then utters the fateful words, “I have once more put on that coat (his First World War army coat) that was the most sacred and dear to me. I will not take it off again until victory is secured, or I will not survive the outcome.” He then nominates Goering as his second-in-command, with the Party Deputy, Rudolf Hess, as third-in-command of the nation.

“One word I have never learned,” Hitler confesses, “that is, ‘surrender’. If, however, anyone thinks that we are facing a hard time, I should ask him to remember that once a Prussian King, with a ridiculously small State, opposed a stronger coalition, and in three wars finally came out successful because that State had that stout heart that we need in these times. I would, therefore, like to assure all the world that a November 1918 will never be repeated in German history.” Stormy applause.

“Whoever, however, thinks he can oppose this national command, whether directly of indirectly, shall fall. Traitors can expect nothing but death!” --- a promise made good to the German Army plotters of July 20th, 1944.

The Fuehrer concludes with words from his very first public speech, made at the beginning of the National Socialist Revolution, when he said, “If our will is so strong that no hardship and suffering can prevail against it, then our will and our German might shall prevail. Germany, Sieg Heil!” Then follows the voice of Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, otherwise very rarely heard outside Europe, proclaiming the return of Danzig to the Reich. He is followed by Goering’s short, spirited speech concluding the Reichstag session, which ends with the delegates singing first the national anthem, then the NSDAP’s Horst Wessel Song.

The die had been cast, and the world forever after changed.

Reviewed by Marc Roland

Free Hitler Speeches

Even the ideological enemies of Adolf Hitler will admit that he was a highly gifted and prolific speaker. Follow these links for excerpts from some of the most memorable speeches that Hitler ever gave.

Hitler Historical Museum


Hitler Speeches



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