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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for anyone interested in Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

Buy nazi soldier songs, WW2 marches and Hitler music | PzG


Buy WW II German SS music & Nazi songs for sale at PzG.

Nazi music soldier songs WW2 military marches Adolf Hitler war speeches.

Why listen to nazi songs, WW2 nazi march music or Hitler speeches?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).  Hitler was the German leader or "Fuhrer" who founded the National Socialism (Nazi) movement in 1920.  Within twenty years, Adolf Hitler had led Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why listen to nazi songs, war speeches, and nazi music, from Hitler and his Germany Reich?  You may have been asked that question, like we have over the years.  The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there was no point in glorifying him by taking the time to learn about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and our world and as members of a global community we should know something about them.

Now you can examine these powerful sounds for yourself as you time travel with these original nazi music recordings and get real insight into the culture behind them as you listen to songs and music just as the German radio playing pbulic did so many years ago. Hear the nazi music & hitler speeches and come to your own conclusions as an independent thinker about Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"Listen Learn Decide!"

Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = German Language
Nazi WW2 art books, picture books = English Language
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = Both English & German
Hungarian Flag = Hungarian Language
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PzG - Third Reich nazi WW2 Hitler music & SS Schwarze Korps songs buy now on CD.CD290 - SS Schwarze Korps

This is an exclusive PzG™ Inc. product.



Digitally re-mastered nazi music for your listening pleasure.

When you order PzG nazi CDs you are getting only the very best in historical Third Reich music. PzG CDs are high quality professionally made recordings. All songs are from “original” Third Reich 78 RPM records re-mastered for even listening with a musical balance between instrumental and choral marches. PzG’s art work is eye catching and stimulating as well as historicaly informative.

Includes the English translation to the famous
"Badenweiler March!" on the inside front cover!

SS Schwarze Korps Nazi Music Review:





From original Third Reich Recordings

  1. Praesentiermarsch mit SS Treueschwur Nov 9, 1935 Choral 3:22
  2. Wir treten zum Beten (Niederlaendisches) Choral 1:58
  3. Das Schwarze Korps Choral 2:27
  4. Wenn alle untreu warden Choral 2:38
  5. Himmler Bundesmarsch 2:44
  6. Radio Olso Hirdsangen Choral-Norway 1:43
  7. Germanentreue 2:28
  8. Maerkische Heide Choral 3:15
  9. Au revour, petite Monique Choral-France 3:08
  10. Bravour Marsch 3:31
  11. Lied des estnischen Batallions Choral-Estonia 1:56
  12. Marsch der Ordensritter 2:16
  13. Imnul Biruinti Choral-Romania 3:20
  14. Budstikken Gikk Choral-Norway 1:46
  15. Friheten leve Choral-Sweden 3:21
  16. Marsch der 7 SS Prinz Eugen Div 0:46
  17. Vir er danske Legionaerer Choral-Denmark 1:11
  18. In Treue fest 2:57
  19. Cantate dei Legionari Choral-Italy 2:34
  20. Treue um Treue 3:07
  21. Cara al Dol Choral-Spain 3:11
  22. SS Kavalierie Lieder - Wir sind die alte Garde mit einem jungen Gesicht - Wohlauf, Kameraden, aufs Pferd - Morgenrot Choral 5:39
  23. Fliegermarsch von Richthofen Choral 3:22
  24. Fahnen wehen stolz in Wind Choral 3:29
  25. Badenweiler Marsch 2:56
  26. Wir treten zum Beten (Niederlaendisches) Choral 1:55


It’s not just a nazi music CD...
It's an WW2 audio history lesson!



The Waffen SS was an elite international combat brotherhood drawing
recruits from all over Europe.

"Even has the look of an old time vinyl LP."

Historical Facts:
"the best of everything", and listeners will hear that top quality borne out in this recorded program of music performed by Germany’s National Socialist elite. It includes, appropriately enough, Adolf Hitler's personal favorite, the Badenweiler March. Although Georg Fürst's composition was already well-known before the birth of the NSDAP, it has since then become identified with the Fuehrer. After he achieved power in 1933, lyrics were added by the poet, Oskar Sauer-Homburg

Cover Art:
Our front cover picture is from a Dutch SS recruiting poster in the collection of Ray & Josephine Cowdery.


CD290 - SS Schwarze Korps

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h

CD290 - SS Schwarzekorps Review:

SS Schwarzekorps is the quintessential SS music album. That’s saying a lot, considering the numerous SS collections of this genre which have come and gone over the years, but it’s true. PzG 290 blasts off with the first selection, a “live” recording of that traditional German march, the Praesentier, performed as never before or since by what must have been an immense brass band during swearing-in ceremonies for recruits at Munich Feldherrnhalle, where 16 early National Socialists fell to Conservative bullets on November 1923. The recorded ceremony took place 12 years to the day later in a kind of “you-are-there” for 21st Century listeners, who hear the commanding officer’s shouted commands to his honor guard, followed by the loyalty oath recited by new SS men.

Six years later, their “Black Corps” grew beyond its German roots to embrace volunteers from all over Europe with the Fuehrer’s invasion of Communist Russia, as evidenced in the Norwegian, French, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Rumanian, Italian and Spanish selections. In addition to these rarities are a pair of German-SS numbers even afficionados of these period pieces have probably never heard before. Although the Bravourmarsch is a pre-Third Reich composition, its rendition here by an SS band brings this wrongly neglected work thundering back to life with great power and precision.

Another, no less unfamiliar masterpiece is the Fliegermarsch von Richthofen, dedicated to the memory of World War One’s “Red Baron”. While some listeners may assume this song really belonged to the Luftwaffe, they may not realize that the SS operated its own aviation section. Some SS men were also horse-mounted troops, as bourn out by the medley of SS Cavalry Songs included in this album.

To audition these selections for the first time is to experience “new” music from Hitler’s Germany, itself a rare encounter, but never to be forgotten.

- Marc Roland


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March MastersSS SchwerpunktSS SchwarzekorpsSS SchutzstaffelIl Duce AvantiIl Duce Victoriahitler

Features 60+ year old digitally re-mastered recordings produced from original WWII era 78-rpm records

*CD 270 No Longer Available - Replaced by CD08 - SA vol.2

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Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, and all students of Adolf Hitler's German Third Reich.

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