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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for anyone interested in Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

Buy nazi soldier songs, WW2 marches and Hitler music | PzG


Buy WW II German SS music & Nazi songs for sale at PzG.

Nazi music soldier songs WW2 military marches Adolf Hitler war speeches.

Why listen to nazi songs, WW2 nazi march music or Hitler speeches?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).  Hitler was the German leader or "Fuhrer" who founded the National Socialism (Nazi) movement in 1920.  Within twenty years, Adolf Hitler had led Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why listen to nazi songs, war speeches, and nazi music, from Hitler and his Germany Reich?  You may have been asked that question, like we have over the years.  The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there was no point in glorifying him by taking the time to learn about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and our world and as members of a global community we should know something about them.

Now you can examine these powerful sounds for yourself as you time travel with these original nazi music recordings and get real insight into the culture behind them as you listen to songs and music just as the German radio playing pbulic did so many years ago. Hear the nazi music & hitler speeches and come to your own conclusions as an independent thinker about Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"Listen Learn Decide!"

Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = German Language
Nazi WW2 art books, picture books = English Language
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = Both English & German
Hungarian Flag = Hungarian Language
To insure proper playing be sure to clean your CD player regularly.



PzG - Third Reich nazi WW2 Hitler music & Panzer songs buy now on CD.CD200 - Panzer Nazi Marches

This is an exclusive PzG™ Inc. product.



Digitally re-mastered nazi music for your listening pleasure.

When you order PzG nazi CDs you are getting only the very best in historical Third Reich music. PzG CDs are high quality professionally made recordings. All songs are from “original” Third Reich 78 RPM records re-mastered for even listening with a musical balance between instrumental and choral marches. PzG’s art work is eye catching and stimulating as well as historicaly informative.

Includes favorites like: Wir fahren gegen Engelland.

Panzer Nazi Marches Review: 

Viewers of a Hollywood film from the 1960s, “Battle of the Bulge”, are familiar with the nazi “Panzer Song” sung by German WW2 tank crews before their attack on the Americans, during late 1944. In PZG’s “Panzer Marches”, listeners will be able to hear this popular tune as it was originally performed and recorded more than sixty years ago by the men who actually drove the usually outnumbered but never out-classed “Panther”s and “Tiger”s against Allied “Sherman”s, “Matilda”s and T-34s.

Other nazi tank music featured on this BRASSY CD include “Heil, Motorenstandarte” (“Hail, Standard of the Motorized Divisions”), “Mit vereinigten Kraeften” (“With United Forces”), and “Landser und Panzer”. Included are two versions of “Marsch der Panzergrenadier”, but both are so different from each other, they each make unique contributions to the collection. The same applies to the “Adolf Huenlein Marsch”, performed with and without chorus. Huenlein was the founder and leader of the National Socialist motorcyclists --- SS Stormtroopers on wheels, who provided escort for Hitler and his colleagues as they drove across Germany from one mass-rally to another. Known as the “Nationalsozialistische Kraftfahr Korps” (“National Socialist Motorcycle Corps”), we hear the “NSKK Marsch”, with one of the Nazi Party’s most catchy melodies.

Lovers of traditional military music will search in vain for better performances of the classic “Steinmetzmarsch”, the “Fehrberliner Rittermarsch”, or “Fredericus Rex Grenadiermarsch”. These orchestral pieces, composed long before the Third Reich, were not banned by the postwar occupation authorities, unlike the fate of other PZG 200’s selections, all of which are still outlawed in today’s German democracy.

Some of the music on “Panzer Nazi Marches” may be identified with specific campaigns. For example, “Ade, Polenland” is one of the few songs to come out of the brief fighting in Poland, during 1939. Set, appropriately but unconventionally to a polka beat, one wonders if it was revived for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, some years later.

Panzer rollen in Afrika vor” (“Panzers roll ahead in Africa”), and “Heia, Safari!” are obvious veterans of the Afrika Korps. In the former, the chorus sings, in part, “Go forward trough the wicked sand, and the hot, burning sun. Hi, ya, Safari! Whenever the British lion roars, we’ll shut his big mouth!” Lyrics for “Panzer rollen in Afrika vor” begin, “From all over Germany, the Fuehrer's soldiers in their black uniforms came to defeat France. Now, the Panzers are rolling through Africa. The treads clank, the motors roar. The sun shines hot over the German Afrika Korps, but our Panzer engines sing their song, as we drive through the sands against the English. The Brits are afraid of the Fuehrer’s soldiers, but we fear neither death nor the devil. Miserable English arrogance is collapsing.” A contemporary song about the Desert Fox, “Unser Rommel” (“Our Rommel”), runs, “We are the German Afrika Korps, the Fuehrer’s stalwart troops. We fight like devils, taking the Tommies by surprise, and march to the beat of our drum. Forward with our Rommel!”

As far as this reviewer knows, “Panzer Nazi Marches” is the only collection of German music to include “Lied der Panzergruppe Kleist”, named after Ewald von Kleist, who was promoted to Fieldmarshal for his successful campaigning on the Eastern Front, in the Caucasus. Although retired from the Army a year before war’s end, the 65 year-old man was arrested by the Americans in 1945 and turned over to the Soviets, in whose tender mercies he died nine years later.

Lyrics for his Panzer song read, “In the West, we showed the enemy that we were the greater power. Whether in the mountains or on the plains, no obstacle hinders us. We roll on, and if we have to make sacrifices for victory, for our country, why then, roll on!  We are the Panzer Group Kleist.”

- Marc Roland


  1. Deutschland über Alles choral
  2. Die Fahne hoch (Horst Wessel Lied-choral)
  3. Panzerwagenlied Nummer 8
  4. Ade Polenland (choral)
  5. Rheinwacht
  6. Heil Motorstandarte
  7. Lied der Panzergrenadier (choral)
  8. Mit vereinten Kräften
  9. NSKK Marsch
  10. Adolf Hühnlein Marsch
  11. Adolf Hühnlein Marsch (choral)
  12. Steinmetzmarsch
  13. Kavallerie Paradenmarsch
  14. Landser und Panzer (choral)
  15. Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch
  16. Fredericus Rex Grenadiermarsch
  17. Marsch der Panzergrenadier (choral)
  18. Brucker Lager Marsch
  19. Grenadier – Paradenmarsch
  20. Lied der Panzergruppe Kleist (choral)
  21. 18. Husaren Marsch
  22. Marsch der Sturm-Artillerie (choral)
  23. Marsch aus ‘Das Nachtlager von Grenada’
  24. Panzerwagenlied Nummer 9
  25. Panzer rollen in Afrika vor (choral)
  26. Heia Safari! (choral)
  27. Unser Rommel (choral)
  28. Panzerwagenlied (choral)




It’s not just a nazi music CD...
It's an WW2 audio history lesson!


Includes 2 instrumental and 1 choral version of the famous Nazi military march music the Panzerwagonlied.

FREE for you English translation of the Panzerwagonlied
Just click and print
FREE Gift page.



Looking for the original Panzerwagenlied?

Click here to listen to a segment of this famous Nazi war song now!

28 nazi songs and German marches
original Third Reich 78rpm recordings

long playing time: 77:01


Historical Facts: Top Left: Leutnant von Rosen in King Tiger 300 parades before Dr. Goebbels weekly newsreel report just prior to launching their devastating assault in the Ardennes offensive 1944. "Read a first hand account of the battle" see Hans Schmidt’s book "SS Panzergrenadier"!

Features 60+ year old recordings that are digitally produced from original Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Third Reich era 78-rpm records.

Over 1 hour long playing time!

Listen to audio clips here at Amazon. 

A GREAT CD to start your Third Reich music collection as it has our most requested
Third Reich Nazi song the Panzerwagenlied!

28 songs and marches from
from original Hitler Third Reich 78rpm recordings

"Read a first hand account of the battle" see Hans Schmidt’s book "SS Panzergrenadier"!

Features 60+ year old recordings that are digitally produced from original Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Third Reich era 78-rpm records.

Panzer Music CD200 - Panzer Marches

Total playing time:  77:01

nazi germany $20.00 +s/h

Customer Comments:

The new panzer cd you sent me is fabulous. I enjoy listening to it quite often. Excellent recording, great production!!!! - Steve

Good evening Micheal.

Ran marathon yesterday, was out of steam after seven miles. So I listened to my walkman and heard a collection of songs I bought from you. I lugged around my cassette player. I even had a couple songs from the Victory of Faith VHS that you got to me in time before the marathon.

I got second and third winds. At mile 21, my feet and legs went to pieces. So I played Panzer Marches which I bought from you years ago. It gave me energy. So I finished the marathon successfully and received my metal. This would not have been possible without your music.

Interestingly enough, I read reviews on Google before they hassled you about how walkers and joggers say this music gives them energy and strength. It worked for me. Thanks again for the VHS. I really appreciate it. John.

CD 200 Panzer Marches is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! For a student of history as I am it has a big value.  Thanks - Peter

see Your Stories - Operation Iraqi Freedom


Get all 14 PzG nazi music & SS song CD's AND SAVE $80!

Panzer Music NaziFallschirmjaeger Nazi MusicKriegsmarine Nazi MarchesLandser Nazi MarchesLandser Nazi MarchesStormtrooper MarchesPanzer Music
March MastersSS SchwerpunktSS SchwarzekorpsSS SchutzstaffelIl Duce AvantiIl Duce Victoriahitler

Features 60+ year old digitally re-mastered recordings produced from original WWII era 78-rpm records

*CD 270 No Longer Available - Replaced by CD08 - SA vol.2

PzG 14 CD Set - SAVE $80.00
nazi germany $200.00 +s/h

Looking for additional nazi music resources...look no farther!


Where can I get the lyrics to my favorite war songs?

As a service to you we have included a link to the Volkslieder site.  They have a very comprehensive list of song titles and lyrics, both German & English, for many of the song titles included on our WW2 CDs.  But, please note, our music arrangements are NOT the same as the selections / samples on the Volkslieder site.


More facinating items to add to your private collection.

Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, and all students of Adolf Hitler's German Third Reich.

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