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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

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Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be the German leader or Fuhrer Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) who led Nazi Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why read books about Hitler and Nazi Germany? The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there is no point in glorifying him by learning about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone we recognize, someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and the world and as members of that global community we should know something about the man, the world he lived in, and the events that shaped his thinking.

Now, examine for yourself Hitler's Germany through these captivating (some out of print & hard to find) history books, art books, first hand war stories from Wermacht soldiers, tactical order of battle books, as well as WW2 / WWII military reference books full of Third Reich pictures & nazi war images.  Don't let anyone tell you what to think; read, study and come to your own conclusions about the Third Reich, Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"Ideological excesses must be understood within the context of the adversity of the era."
quote from the community plaque located at the Nazi bell at Tümlauer-Koog

Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = German Text
Nazi WW2 art books, picture books = English Text
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = English & German Text
Hitler Nazi books german history Third Reich = Japanese Text
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = English & French Text

Your Loyal & Loving SonBK762

The Program of the Party of Hitler: The National Socialist German Workers' Party and Its General Conceptions

Fascinating and Enlightening

The Program of the Party of Hitler: The National Socialist German Workers' Party and Its General Conceptions Written by one of the original founding members of the NSDAP, this booklet was the primary political document which underpinned the ideology and ideas of the future Nazi Party.
Dealing with every conceivable topic—foreign policy, internal policy, property, usury, economics, race, Jews, culture, agriculture, citizenship, the military, and much more—this far-reaching document provides a sweeping and comprehensive look into the dramatic worldview of National Socialism.

“The main battle is one between two world-theories, represented by two essentially differing structures—the spirit which has created and is creative and the unquiet, grasping spirit.
The creative spirit, deep-rooted, but superior to the rest of the world in spiritual experience, is carried mainly by the Aryan race; the grabbing spirit, without roots anywhere, aiming only at material things, commercial, is chiefly represented by the Jews.
National Socialism, like anti-Semitism, regards the Jewish-materialistic spirit as the chief cause of the evil; it knows however that this greatest struggle in history must not stop short at merely destroying the Semitic spirit; which is why the great program of National Socialism goes far beyond the anti-Semitic desire to destroy, for it offers a positive constructive picture, showing how the National Socialist State of labor and achievement ought to appear when completed.
Once this high aim is achieved, the National Socialist Party will dissolve automatically; for National Socialism will then be the entire life of the whole German nation. The NSDAP is not a political Party in the ordinary sense of the word, but is that section of the nation, which is confident and sure of the future, which has gathered round strong and determined leaders to deliver Germany from shame and impotence abroad and from demoralization at home, and to make her once again strong and respected abroad, and morally and economically healthy at home.”

Also includes the famous “25 Points” and other notes and additions by Adolf Hitler.
Cover: An exact reproduction of the 1932 original, published by Franz Lehrer Verlag in Munich.

About the author: Gottfried Feder (1883–1941) was a German engineer who was one of the four original founders of the NSDAP. It was his speech on economics which initially attracted Adolf Hitler to the party, and later he and Hitler drew up the “25 Points” which became the abbreviated version of the party’s policy. Feder served the NSDAP in parliament and as under-secretary at the ministry of economics until 1936, when he retired to become a professor at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin. He died in 1941.

Contents: Historical Account of the Rise of the NSDAP

1. Official Party Manifesto regarding farming population and Agriculture
The Policy of the NSDAP on Ownership of Landed Property
2. The 25 Points
3. The Basic Ideas
4. The Program Requirements in Detail
Policy of the State
Economic Policy
Financial Policy
Social Policy
Religion and Art
Military and other Reforms
5. What we do not desire
6. Conclusion

BK762 - The Program of the Party of Hitler: The National Socialist German Workers' Party and Its General Conceptions

Details: Softcover, approximate size 6 x 9 inches, 73 pages, English Text.

US world war 2 = English Text

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