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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for anyone interested in Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and the Third Reich.

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Books about Adolf Hitler, WWII & Nazi Germany

Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be the German leader (or Fuhrer) Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) who led Nazi Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why read books about Hitler and Nazi Germany? The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there is no point in glorifying him by learning about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone we recognize and someone whose contributions have had a significant effect on our culture and the world and as members of that global community we should know something about the man, the world he lived in, and the events that shaped his thinking.

Don't let anyone tell you what to think; read, study and come to your own conclusions!

"Ideological excesses must be understood within the context of the adversity of the era."
quote from the community plaque located at the Nazi bell at Tümlauer-Koog

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Alfred Rosenberg was born in Tallinn, Russia (now Estonia), on 12th January, 1893. He studied architecture at the Riga Technical Institute where he joined a pro-German student group.

Rosenberg supported the Whites during the Russian Revolution and after the Bolsheviks gained control of the country he escaped to France. In 1918 he moved to Germany where he settled with the large community of White Russians in Munich.

Rosenberg joined the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and in 1923 became editor of the party newspaper, Voelkischer Beobachter. He regularly visited Adolf Hitler in Landsberg Prison and it is claimed he helped write Mein Kampf. He also wrote several pamphlets that reflected his rabid anti-Semitism.

In 1929, Rosenberg founded the Militant League for German Culture. He became a deputy in 1930 and published his book on racial theory The Myth of the Twentieth Century (Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts) which deals with key issues in the national socialistic ideology such as the Jewish question. He was named leader of the foreign political office of the NSDAP in 1933 but played little actual part in office. In January 1934 he was deputized by Hitler with responsibility for the spiritual and philosophical education of the NSDAP and all related organizations.

Rosenberg was captured by Allied troops at the end of the Second World War. Accused of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial he was found guilty and executed on 1st October, 1946.

Myth of the Twentieth CenturyBK139

The Myth of the Twentieth Century

By Alfred Rosenberg

Mein Kampf and Myth of the Twentieth Century are the two most important works for understanding National Socialism. Both are GREATLY misunderstood and until now Myth has been unavailable to readers for may years. Alfred Rosenberg was one of the earliest followers of Hitler and he became the chief ideologue for the NSDAP. His loyalty was beyond question and when Hitler was imprisoned Rosenberg ran the party until Hitler's release. Rosenberg believed that every race, culture and nation had a set of beliefs a Myth and that when the idea or Myth of the people died or changed greatly then so too died the nation. (Today the American Myth is being corrupted drastically on a daily basis from our founding fathers ideals.) Myth was very popular in Germany and by 1937 had sold 5000,000 copies! In 1946 Alfred Rosenberg was hanged at Nuremberg for his ideas i.e. thought crimes! - Michael Kelly PzG Inc. President

Myth of the Twentieth Century has been out of print for many years
but now you can get yours!

BK139 - The Myth of the Twentieth Century

Details: Book 139 softcover 470 pages, approximate size 5 3/4 inches x 8 1/4 inches.

US world war 2 = Book English Text

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