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Our business is not based on making a quick buck but rather the old fashioned ideals of building a long term partnership. PzG continues to grow and thrive solely based on the continued repeat business from you our loyal friends and customers. When you place an order or send an enquiry you will get our BEST customer service and attention to detail.  It has always been our goal to search the world over to bring you the most unique collection of WWII, Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, German, Axis, Nazi, military, history & war propaganda, music, speeches, books, posters, postcards, regalia and memorabilia.

The Kelly family has been fortunate in that while we have pursued our passion for military history we have had the opportunity to serve you our valued customers and friends.  And, through this enterprise we have been blessed with the resources to support our family complete with 9 kids and several dogs.  The older children have been eager to help dad with the mailings that go out to you.  And, they often entertain the younger girls while mom updates the website.  We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you find that perfect addition to your military history collections.


Michael Kelly 

P. S. Don't take our word...read below to see a small sampling of what others, just like you, have shared with us concerning the great products and superb customer service they received from the PzG crew.

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What a few of our customers and friends are saying...

  • You have an amazing site. My husband is obessed with WW2 and so am I. I know we will definitely be shopping your site more. - Clarice

  • There are so many WW2 shops out there its hard to know which is honorable and does excellent work vs cheap poor quality so-called copies. PzG has amazed me with the craftsmanship and quality and now I only buy from them. The heavy Totenkopf SS ring exceeded my expectations and as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!! I wear this ring in remembrance of my relatives and grandfather who all served in the Reich – Deutsche WehrMacht. - Adrian

  • Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that you have an excellent website. I had family in both sides of the second great war including the SS. I don't think i have found a single item not worth its price. Great job. - Kiel

  • Just want to say thanks for the quick shipment of my order. I received them yesterday I ordered the waffen SS, nuremberg rally poster, and the NSDAP armband and they look great the pictures online do not do them justice they make a great addition to my military history collection I will definitely be ordering from you again thanks. Jacob

  • Thank you so much Michael for the products I ordered from your site. They were used as birthday presents for my husband and he loved it! I know we will definitely be using your site again. - Marsha

  • Thank you for an amazing website! I look forward to the arrival of my order, as well as doing more business with you in the near future!

  • I received the item you shipped and I am pleased. Thank you for your good service. William

  • Got the sign in the mail today and it looks GREAT! Thanks for the fast shipping and friendly service. I will definitely be doing more shopping with you in the future, unless they make it illegal to own these items and shut everyone down. That would be a sad day indeed. Sincerely, William

  • Thank you so much Michael, I am really looking forward to this great addition to our production! - Kelly

  • Thank you for the great service! The package and the materials sent were very nice and the very best. EMK

    This is officially my favorite site. Thank you so much for this. I can't wait until I save up enough for a ring. - David

  • Thank you for providing such an excellent selection of items. Earlier today I ordered a dagger, but after looking through the rest of your items I knew I had to have more! Right now I'm in Iraq, so I gave you the address for my parents house, they'll let me know when it get's there. I can't wait to see these items in person when I go on leave! Thanks so much! -Tyler SPC, US Army

  • Received my mug and canister today. Just like to say that they are both perfect, 10 out of 10 for super service and warp speed delivery. "WELL DONE" Ian - United Kingdom


  • Thank you for remembering the German Service Man, as they gave all they had. Your Friend, Doran


  • Sign was waiting for me at work when I got back in excellent condition. Once again I and my father are delighted and I will continue to order from you. Thanks again for the lovely Christmas card with your beautiful pets on. All the best for 2010 and will continue to order from you. Best wishes, Trish

  • Thanks for the speeding bullet delivery, the products are of exceptional quality and value. The tootsie roll is a nice touch. - Ward

  • Received my packets. Everything is really nice and I'm really surprised at how fast it was delivered! Thank you very much! Best regards, Rachik

  • The order was rushed to me at no extra cost just in time for Christmas! I bought these items as a gift for my brother in law, he loved them! I definitely plan to order some more things for myself soon! Merry Christmas and thanks again, Greg.

  • I received my shipment yesterday. Thank you so much for the quick response to my order! I was hoping to receive it for a Christmas gift and I did. It looks great! Also, the personal order confirming and Christmas card are fabulous. I haven't ordered anything online and was a little nervous that I wouldn't receive my merchandise or something, you never know. Anyway, thank you and I will certainly be ordering from you again! - Charitty

  • This is one of the best sites for WW-2 German memorabilia!!! - Dan

  • Thank you for being here for my collectibles. My CD collection is now complete. - Arnie

  • I received the package (cd's & mouse pad) Friday! I was so pleased with the products (and speedy delivery as it is a christmas gift!) and all the very good inserts you provided! Both my father and I will be ordering from all of you again for sure! I especially appreciated the enclosed holiday card! - Kelli

  • Just arrived in the mail today, couldn't have hoped for anything more. I love it and can't wait to buy more products from your site. Also thank you very much for the christmas card, it's certainly one that I won't throw away. Merry Christmas - Brett

  • Once again I must commend you for the great response & service you have given me. THANKYOU & kind regards Alex

  • I love your shop and I have always found your products to be of good quality, your prices far lower than most other sites I have found and your service to be outstanding. - Graham.

  • I would like to thank you for the quick and prompt service. This isn't my first order and it won't be my last. Vielen dank nationalen.

  • Thanks very much for the fast and excellent service. I will be back again. - Art

  • I received my orders and am happy to say I'm super pleased with everything! I am especially impressed with the Hitler youth knife, (the mug, the hat, the pocket knife... I could go on and on!) My large poster had a crease down one side but we live in an imperfect world, right? It's still going to to be framed regardless. Anyway's, now that I've received my first couple of orders I can hardly wait to place another one! And thanks for the tootsie rolls too, nice touch!

    Just know, you have one very satisfied customer north of the border with several more to come. A few friends have some of the fliers to pick some stuff they want too. They were all very impressed with all the things I have received to say the least.

    I look forward to purchasing things from you and your family for many years to come.

    Thanks again.

  • I would like to express my thanks for your quick response in sending my order to me! You have so many things that it's hard to pick from! - Dan

  • Today, Everything arrived in excellent condition. Thank You and greetings from Belgium. - Louis

  • This is a great site for music cd that are hard to find! - Daniel

  • I collected my package today from the post office. I really like my items and will be ordering more in the near future. - Chad

  • My order arrived yesterday – perfectly intact. Having read some of the customer comments on your website, I can only echo those sentiments and express my thanks for the tremendous service. The two items ordered are stunning replicas, and will be highly treasured parts of my small collection. Will keeping visiting your website, and look forward to doing business again. Kind regards, Mark

  • I love your web sight and Both of you are very quick on the mailing which is golden in the Internet world. - John

  • Thank you for your great service and your GREAT site! I look forward to doing more business with you soon. - Chris

  • I received My order yesterday and I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. - Bill

  • Thanks for having so much great stuff in stock! - Philip

  • I just received my Knights Cross & Blood Order Medals! Wow – great quality! Super fast shipment. I will definitely be ordering again. - Mike

  • I just received My book Mein Kampf, beautiful, just like all the items you have sent my way.Hope all is well with you and yours. - Doran

  • I want to Thank You for the Service You and Your Family do! - Ron

  • Thank you Mr. Kelly for you personal response and professional courtesy. I look forward to doing future business. - Jacob.

  • Thank you Mr. Kelly for you personal response and professional courtesy. I look forward to doing future business. - Jacob

  • I've looked at nearly everything on your site, and I've gotta say, it was hard to choose which things to buy first!! I'm definitely going to buy from PzG again - you guys have so many great things!! - Bailey

  • You have a vast and wonderful array of products. - James

  • I have been a customer for 2 years and love your products keep up the good work. - Peter

  • You have the greatest web site/store of all! Thanks for persisting through so many adversities! - Paul

  • Thank you for the great products and service! - Timothy

  • Thanks for the perfect service and amazing products! - Dein Eric

  • Excellent service. I will recommend it with all my friends. May you business grow and prosper for many years. Gruß und schönen Tag! - Arturo

  • I love the personal touch and the dedication to history at your website. It's nice to know that I'm dealing with real, live human beings--not some cold, faceless entity. - Aaron

  • Thank You for the prompt response ......classy. - Michael

  • Thank you for all the great CDs to round out my 3rd Reich collection. They all work perfectly. The 3rd Reich Screen Saver is really great. A lot of great pictures of Da Fuehrer. Thanks again, and our best to Linda and the family. - Arnie

  • Thank you so much for the fast order. Everything was just the way it was presented by your company. Can't wait to order many more products in the future! Again, thank you so much for the great products and service. - Timothy

  • You have an impressive site, clearly you've put a lot of dedicated spirit into it. There are a good many things on your site whose acquisition I am looking forward to. Thank you for the list of links listed as well, the network of information afforded through your site is quite valuable. In this way I learned the appalling news that Veterans of the Waffen-SS were cheated of their benefits, I suppose it should not have come as such a surprise, the modern "democracies" show little inclination towards the decencies they so loudly claim to espouse. - Frederic

  • Received the package today. Everything looks good. Thanks for the quick service. Appreciate it. - Kenny

  • Just received my SS honor ring set today, WOW!!!!!!!! is all I can say. My complements to your jeweler , It is truly a work of art!! and of heirloom quality as stated. It is truly a joy to deal with honest people. I have spread the word and will be back!!! Best wishes for you and yours. - Michael

  • My Beer Steins came in the mail on friday and we had our first cold Lowenbrau in them today. Absolutely fantastic!!!! I will be ordering more so as to have a full collection on hand when friends are over for a cold one in the "bunker". Thanks again. - Steve

  • My husband listened to the CD in the car, and "marched" all the way to Traverse City. It was fun for me too; as a teenager I participated in horse mounted precision drill teams ( required before one was allowed to jump). Much of that music was used by our teams... good cavalry music, I guess. Watch for future orders. Thanks again. Mary

  • AS always the service that I get from you and your family is always top notch. Thanks once again. - Michael

  • Thank you I have received my order and am very happy with the speed and quality of the items I will definitely be ordering again. - George

  • I found your site today and its great to see some very interesting items. I have collected third reich for over 45 yrs. and its nice that I can get some of the repo stuff from you once and a while to fondle and just dream of that big score that's out there some place. Thank you so much for just being there for my enjoyment. - Jim

  • I want to thank you and your family again for two of the best products again, I love the beer mug and the arm band is awesome, I thank you again and keep up the hard work - James

  • Received my order yesterday! Locked myself in my "office" for a good hour just so I could look through the books in peace! They will be great additions to my WWII book collection! And the Zyklon-B coffee mug was broken in this morning! Thank you for your fast service and awesome products!! - Rob

  • Great site & great service, that's why I recommend you to all my kamerads !! - SStu

  • Thank you for the fast shipping and personal email letting me know it's coming! Very top notch! Rare these days! - Rob

  • Danka! I really enjoy pzg! keep up the good work! - Brandon

  • Thank you again, for wonderful service. you mailed friday(just like, last time) I received on monday (just like last time) oh and the little treat. vundebar!! freshest tootsie roll ever!!--you're friend--J. Noel.

  • I love the items you have in stock. It is great to know that there are other sensible people out there that see the 3rd Reich for what it was and still is. Keep up the good work! - Dan

  • Thanks a lot for your professionalism! - Ken

  • My compliments for the professional handling of the orders. I'm a satisfied customer. Greetings from The Netherlands - Michael

  • Thank you for offering this important historical merchandise. Good luck with your endeavors. - Mike

  • You guys are great-I just want to thank you for the perfect things that I have ordered from you & there will be much more in store to order!! keep up the great work & thanks a million-you are the best!! - Daniel

  • I am very impressed with your business & will be visiting your website again. - James

  • The dvd's have arrived! Oh! My God! They are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your fabulous service. Thank you also for preserving the incredible history of the Third Reich and allowing others to share and study it. Really looking forward to doing business with you again soon. - Ross

  • I appreciate your customer service and the care you give all your customers which makes them want to return again and again. I just wish you carried everything I needed so that you are the only dealer I could order from!!! - Rich

  • You Guys always have what I'm looking for. Thank you

  • I received my ring today...it is of excellent craftsmanship! I will wear it with great pride! Thank you for providing such excellent merchandise. Good health to you and your family! - Brian

  • I received my poster, mug, and 1st SS panzer Div. T shirt! All in perfect condition. Thank your children for the Tootsie Roll! That was very sweet! You people are incredible!!! Many thanks. Your friend from Canada, - Jim


  • I am very happy with your service and will tell my friends! - Wenger

  • My box arrived today! Thank you and those hands that packed it. The screen saver, Oh, my! Everything is wonderful. Thanks again for the Tootsie Roll. -Lisen

  • I was fired from my job and my unemployment check has run out but I have saved my haircut money to get this sign (V709 - Adolf Hitler-Straße Sign) on the Führer's Birthday. - Bill

  • Michael, thank you for sending my order out right away, my original flag was STOLEN right out of my back yard, and on Hitler's birthday to boot! - Mark

  • Thank you for your best wishes on this festival which confirms our faith, our culture, and our commitment to ideals which are increasingly under attack. In a year which has seen a Republican President put Karl Marx back in the driving seat of history, and witnessed a monkey being chosen above a war hero, I thank you for your strength; your willingness to stand testimony to the truth; and above all, the light you shine to those of us, wherever we are, who look to the best America has to offer. - Llyn (Hainan Province, China)

  • Everything showed up today and is marvelous. Thanks for the tootsie roll! --Bill

  • I would like to express my greatest gratitude and I think all your customers should know your 1 of the only sites that sells german world war 2 items that isn't a radical skin head group asking you to join there cause. And you sell better quality items for a lower price than most of your competition and I have the most respect for you. You are a hard working man as well as a person who keeps this part of history alive and can provide merchandise to people who share this passion. - John

  • I love your site! There are a lot of cool things you have for sale. I have a whole list of the things I wana get! I picked up the Panzer Marches CD from a vendor at a scale modeling show this past weekend. I got your web address from the CD cover and I have been pleasantly surprised. The quality of the CD is excellent too! I reenact for the NJ/PA area 9. SS Hohenstaufen. I'm gonna make sure the guys know about the good quality of your products. Thank you very much! - Marv

  • I must say that you are always welcome to show up in my mailbox. Of course, my order arrived today and in perfect condition. You said you were out of the eagles, but both items, the Hitler bust and the Nuremberg Eagle arrived together. I appreciate the FREE GIFT calendar and the Tootsie roll. THANKS! Both the bust and eagle are of fine quality. I shipped them both right out to my nephew who is a collector. Thank you for being there for myself and my nephew. , - JOHN

  • Thanks again for your speedy service! I love your site! - Wes

  • Received my shirt today - just to let you know it is my favorite shirt to date! Thanks very much. Will be ordering others asap. Ps- thanks for the tootsie roll too ;-) - Dean

  • PzG Third Reich music CDs are the best! I have four and really enjoy listening to them. The cover artwork you chose for each is also a winner; the CDs are very professionally done and the arrangement of the songs is well-thought-out. I say this, because I purchased a CD of "Panzer Marching Songs" from another company and was rather "under whelmed", having been spoiled by the high quality of yours. First, the cover art was stretched to fit the square format of the jewel cover, ruining it's look. Second, the tunes were haphazardly arranged and interspersed with post-WWII recordings (it's easy to get used to the sound of early recordings, but when modern recordings are slammed up against earlier ones, it's disconcerting). Third, the run time is shorter than yours, and the CD and liners don't have any text whatsoever (other than the list of songs), not even a publisher's name! If it doesn't have the "PZG" seal of approval, don't buy it! - Mike

  • Just to fill you in on how stupid political correctness has become, I'm here at work and was reading your e-mail. I was going to order the list of movies you sent but the filters on the computer here block your website. the reason comes up as hate and discrimination. I'm really screaming mad at how stupid this is, i really enjoy third reich history and studying all parts of it and enjoying it very much. Oh well, looks like i'll have to order off my computer at home. thanks for your list, can't wait to order those movies. - Jeff

  • Thanks again for your excellent service. Once again I apologize if I was a pain. I will gladly recommend your site and I will definitely do future business with you based on the fact that you are honest, fair and unmatched in your business practices. It is truly refreshing to deal with people of your integrity and caliber. - Thomas

  • Just wanted to say the items I bought are now on display in my room and has enhanced my class [Holocaust Studies & Military History] Thanks Jeff

  • Thank you for the Panzer marches, I have been fighting in the gulf, USMC Infantry, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan US Army INF. so these marches make my BLOOD FLOW!!! Thank you and give Ragnar a scratch for me. Regards, SGT

  • I want to say thanks for your site and what you are doing. Few people have a clue in this country that the truth isn't black or white, it is 10% factual and 90% political. - Jay

  • I got my order Monday! Wow! That's really fast. Everything is as described. The detail is really good. I have a Mother's cross in bronze (Real) and the silver one is really close. Thanks for the "Tootsie roll" nice touch! I will be leaving some really positive feedback on your site, so that others will purchase your items and enhance their collections! Thanks again, will purchase again! - Bob

  • Got everything yesterday! Knights cross is pretty damn close to my real one! Love the poster I just framed it. Armband looks great on my SS uniform. Thanks for another pleasant experience! Super fast shipping! - Dale

  • I wanted to thank you for correcting that error. You are a life saver. I will definitely be ordering from you again. I will also let my friends and classmates know where they can find any flags. Thank you again for correcting that error and such a quick response. - Joshua

  • Just wanted to comment on the superior quality of the products previously sent. Great historical value. Best Regards, Doran

  • I have received my order and wanted to thank you for your professional packaging. Well done. Also, thanks for being a light in the darkness. - Best

  • I just want to say, Your company, staff are prompt, courteous and though. - Steve

  • Thank you for the fast friendly service. You're awesome - Richard

  • Received my order today. It was very well packaged, and the quality of the individual items was fine. - Greg

  • Excellent items, superior customer service. - John

  • Just wanted to let you know that I have received my whole order. Thank you for you quick attention and the follow up with my shirt. Your products are great, customer service even better. I will be ordering more items in the near future. - Joe

  • Thanks for picking out a great looking SS armband for my order, which arrived last week. The signs, poster, and CDs & armband came in well-packed containers. I really appreciate the extra, personal attention with the Christmas stickers on the three packages. I hope you and your family have very Merry Christmas! - Mike

  • I recently picked up my order at the post office; again I can say that I am delighted for the speed of the delivery and the highest quality of the articles! Great thanks!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - Claes

  • I was just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipping and friendly service. - Blake

  • I received yesterday my Knight's Cross with Swords and I was very impressed with the high quality and with your fast delivery. Thank you for your attention and congratulations for your professionalism. - Zairo

  • Just to tell you medal has arrived safely and it is terrific. much nicer than i thought. XXXX thanks!! - Mary

  • I would just like to thank you for once again providing me with an excellent sale from your site. The ll Duce bust and hitler youth dagger arrived in perfect condition and will be the envy of my comrades. - Jim

  • It's always a pleasure buying from you guys. - Jordan

  • Want to thank you in being so prompt in sending me my order. - JG

    I just wanted to tell you that I really liked your site and enjoy the selection of products you offer. Your website is easy to navigate around and simple to place an order. I will definitely be placing some more orders with you. Keep up the good work. Thanks again! - Greg

  • I have ordered posters and the like from a few different companies before but yours by far has the best customer service and shipping times. Thanks again sir and best wishes. - Brendon

  • I've just received the book "The new Reichchancellery" that I ordered with you and I am very pleased with it. Thanks for the prompt shipping. - Gaetan

  • I have received my medals last week, in great condition, and it came in without too much delay. Thank you very much, congratulations on your proficiency, and keep up the good work. I really liked the medals, and I am planning on ordering some more. My best regards to you and your family. - Nelson

  • Thanks! I am very satisfied with your products and service. The Adolph Hitler "European Tour" Tee is a hoot! - Steven

  • I received my order today thank you very much. I absolutely love it! Best eagle I have seen yet its just the perfect size to grace any collection. Thanx SPIDER

  • I received my order today and was very pleased!! thanks for the quick delivery!! The very best to you and your family. - Erik

  • I just received my Adolph Hitler collectors figure. It arrived in perfect condition. - Great doing business with you! - Sincerely, Jim

  • The posters arrived today, BRILLIANT! - Lloyd

  • After I got & listened to the first CD I ordered a few weeks ago; I said: "I gotta get more of these period recordings!" They are great! - John

  • I just wanted to let you know my 'Eintritt verboten' sign arrived last week and I am VERY pleased. The sign looks awesome, shipping was extremely fast (Blitzkrieg style) and customer service at PZG is great! I will, without a doubt, be buying more stuff in the future. - - Steve




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Dedicated to preserving Third Reich history 1935-1945 by offering for sale reproduction War stock in particularly Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.


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