PzG Inc. WW2 History is forever and it cannot be unlived! It's not yours to erase, rewrite, tear down or deny! It belongs to us all and if offends even better for making us receptive to it's lessons of courage, strength, sacrifice, along with wisdom and grace to move past the pain towards a brighter tomorrow.


Adolf Hitler Blondie


Everyday we hear from customers who ask about a particular product and sadely we have to inform them it's no longer available. Please trust us when we tell you these items are becoming harder and harder to obtain. So, don't delay in making that purchase and investment into your collection. You very well could be grabbing the last one! And, tomorrow it might be impossible to find another causing the value of your price to skyrocket like a German V-2.



      • **PzG Inc. is dedicated to preserving Third Reich history by offering for sale reproduction German war stock for educational purposes.
      • **PzG Inc. supports FREE SPEECH and the respectful discusion, education, and possession of public and private historical collections. 
      • **PzG Inc. is non-political and does not support or condone any violence or hatred towards anyone!
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      • **PzG Inc. trusts you to know the laws and regulations of purchasing or possessing "Nazi" memorabilia in your country or territory.
        **Therefore, you assume full financial and legal responsibility for any possible (no matter how remote) loss, theft or seizure of merchandise purchased.
      • **PzG Inc. trust you to be respectful, lawful and responsible in your purchase and use of any materials or merchadise obtained.

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